Youth International Qualifiers

Scottish Fencing and The Foundation for Scottish Fencing are running a series of competitions for under 15 and under 13 fencers in 2016-17 again. We will use these to select fencers for Challenge Wratislavia in March (and potentially one other foreign competition if the Youth Weapon Coordinators can find a suitable option).

The idea behind running a series of competitions is so that fencers are not disadvantaged when it comes to selection if they miss one competition. For Challenge Wratislavia Scottish Fencing will select fencers after the International Qualifier in January on a best of three out of five (details to follow).

We have appointed six Youth Weapon Co-ordinators who will look after the rankings and be responsible for selecting fencers to go to Challenge Wratislavia and potentially one other foreign competition. It is the role of the Youth Weapon Co-ordinators to find the second foreign competition for their weapon - as this is the early stages of planning it could be that this competition is September/October  - the Youth Weapon Coordinators are busy looking at alternatives right now.

We will publish full details soon but the Youth Weapon Co-ordinators are:

  • Girls Foil          Lisa McKenzie
  • Boys Foil         Paul O'Brien
  • Girls Epee       Tom Hoffman
  • Boys Epee       Matt Pocock
  • Girls Sabre      Simon Carter
  • Boys Sabre      Ross Morrison

Competition dates are advertised on the website.