PVG and Disclosure Checks

In light of the recent report into historical abuse in Scottish football, sportScotland has updated their advice on good governance in respect of PVG checks.

As a result Scottish Fencing would ask all members who are coaching or volunteering at their clubs to PVG through Scottish Fencing, even if they are already part of a scheme through an alternative source. 

There is no cost to this. Please email Liz and we will send you a form and instructions on what to do once your form is filled in.

The rationale for this change in advice is simple. Using myself as an example. I'm a teacher and am PVGed through my employer. If I committed an act that would trigger an alert on the PVG scheme this alert would come to my employer. My employer may not be aware of my role as a plastic fencing coach or as safe guarding and welfare director for Scottish Fencing. Scottish fencing would therefore be unaware there was any change in my status. I'm sure you can see why this would not be considered as good governance and presents a potential danger to the safety and wellbeing of our fencers. 

We acknowledge the inconvenience of having to complete the necessary paperwork but trust you understand why it is necessary. 

Scottish Fencing is committed to providing safe environments for all our members to enjoy our fantastic sport and we thank you for your continued support in this regard.

Ross Morrison, Scottish Fencing Director responsible for Safeguarding and Child Protection